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The Ambridge Band offers students numerous fundraising opportunities to help defray costs associated with participating in the program, including band fees and trips. Laura Mikush manages the student accounts, which is where profits from fundraisers will go for students. There are a few fundraisers which are ongoing, and are available for participation at any time. Others are held seasonally, or on other occasions. As we begin new fundraisers, we'll post details here.

Chestnut Hill Candles

The Chestnut Hill Candle sale is underway! The sale ends March 29, and the candles should be in by Motherís Day. Candles are $12 each with a profit of $5 per candle sold. They are wonderful, affordable candles from a great local business. Order forms are available in the band room, or by contacting Stacy Hicks. A digital version of the brochure is available here:

Chestnut Hill 2019 Spring/Summer Brochure

Easter Candy!

It's time for the annual Easter Candy sale! Details are in the flyer below, and you can download the Anderson's brochure here as well:

Easter Candy Flyer

Anderson's Easter Candy Brochure

Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets are available on a month-to-month basis. Mandy Kennedy is currently the chairperson for the lottery program. Tickets are $5, with $2 going into student accounts.


Every month the band offers Shop n' Save hoagies for sale. Patty Matzie is the chairperson for this fundraiser. Order forms, tally sheets and details are available here:

2018-19 Hoagie Fundraiser Order Form

Hoagie Tally Sheet

Shop 'n Save Hoagie Menu

Anderson's Candy Bars

Anderson's candy bars are also available on a monthly basis. Tom Holcomb (also known as The Candy Man!) is currently the chairperson for this fundraiser. Details and order forms can be downloaded here:

Anderson's Candy Bars



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